Leading global drone manufacturers DJI, GoPro and Parrot have formed the Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe, a coalition to voice drone manufacturers’ positions in Europe.

Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe brings unrivalled experience in the innovation, design, production, operation and regulation of civil drones, especially in the lightweight segment. Our drones – which account for almost 80% of the civil drones operated in the world today – are operated for private, commercial and public uses.

We are committed to achieving EU-wide harmonisation of rules that removes questions, and enforces safety and security. We are committed to a risk-based approach with clear and enforceable safety rules. DMAE members are committed to expand the civil drones market in Europe, providing jobs, economic growth and inspire new creative applications of this technology.

To achieve these goals DMAE is cooperating with regulators and decision-makers at national, European and international level to contribute to the policy debate in Europe. In sharing our collective expertise, DMAE seeks to assist in the creation of an innovative and harmonised regulatory landscape in Europe.



What do regulators expect from industry? FAA's Kate Lang suggests "understand the problems that government needs to solve", echoes @Bulc_EU call for "co-design" between industry & regulators. @icao Leslie Cary points to resource constraints, expertise needed #drone2017

About 3 years ago from Drones4EU's Twitter via Twitter for iPhone


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