STATEMENT: Drone Manufacturers concerned by committee vote on drone rules

The Drone Manufactures Alliance Europe (DMAE) welcomes the commitment to safety and EU harmonisation of civil drone rules as demonstrated by the European Parliament’s Transport Committee. However, although today’s TRAN Committee vote on the Commission’s proposal[1] on EASA Basic Regulation moves in the right direction in some areas, it misses the mark in others.

Trish Fritz, Director for Global Public Policy at GoPro said: “We support the creation of a European Register of Unmanned Aircraft, where drone operators can register and receive up to date information on drone rules. This is a necessary and critical first step for educating remote pilots and developing a compliance culture. Europe should grab the opportunity to lead in this sector”.

However, DMAE is concerned by the TRAN Committee’s decision to introduce a 250g weight limit for registration. We strongly believe that EU rules should be evidence-based, particularly as the drone sector is experiencing fast-paced technological development.

Unfortunately, today we lack supporting evidence that can validate why 250g should be the chosen weight threshold for registration cialis 25 mg. When we scan national legislation such as in Poland or France, we see that they have respectively set their thresholds at 600g and 800g. We believe these elements should be determined by EASA, as it would allow for more regular updates. The review of EU legislation is simply too long, and not fit for purpose”, said Yannick Levy, VP Business Development at Parrot.

As manufacturers, we support EASA’s approach to create subcategories within the Open Category. This would provide clarity for operators, and ensure safety across Europe. We are actively involved with EASA, national aviation authorities and other stakeholders in creating the best rules for Europe”, added Christian Struwe, Policy Lead Europe at DJI.

As the draft EASA Basic Regulation moves towards the trilogue negotiations between the Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament, we encourage all institutional stakeholders to maintain a risk- and performance-based approach, striving for harmonisation on drone regulation. We consider that citizens and operators need to abide by clear rules, while providing industry with flexibility to innovate.

[1] COM(2015) 613 of 7.12.2015: Proposal for a Regulation on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Union Aviation Safety Agency

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