Residential and commercial solar installations have contributed to reducing Europe’s carbon footprint. To increase the efficiency of solar panel installation and inspection, drone manufacturer DJI partnered with the software platform DroneDeploy to offer thermal imagery capture and analytics. Ryan Tong, Director of Marketing at DJI said: “Roof inspection hasn’t changed significantly over the past decade. Introducing safe and accurate drone-based 3D models to replace survey wheels and measuring tapes is a step forward for the industry.”


The aim of the project is to use drone technology to assist solar panels users and operators, decreasing time constraints and increasing efficiency. The platform in fact aims at simplifying the technical process by creating 3D models to allow for quicker and more precise evaluations and inspection as well as maintenance. Moreover, the project aims at tackling concerns regarding safety: by using a drone to carry out dangerous tasks, it is possible to avoid human intervention.


Using the DroneDeploy smart phone app, customers are able to fly a DJI drone including take off, flight and data capture, and landing. The captured data and images are then processed in DroneDeploy’s cloud-based software, which enables: development of pre-flight maps, reducing time required on-site, accurate 3D structural models, eliminating the need to climb on dangerous roofs, precise property and structural measurements, reducing on-site human error, and finally inspection of completed installations to identify cleaning and maintenance needs. Customers are able to reduce residential measurement times by up to 50% and commercial measurement times from days to minutes.

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